Oxygen Generators

Using PSA adsorption technology to produce oxygen, the equipment is simple to operate, fully automated, long service life and high purity.

Circulating Nitrogen Purifier

HY-NCX Cyclic Nitrogen Purification System is an important process equipment for the continuous drying system of nitrogen in the production of "one-step" nylon chips. It is developed on the basis of absorbing imported equipment from abroad.

Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen is produced by the principle of gas separation based on the difference of dissolution and diffusion coefficients of different gases in membranes and different permeation velocities.

Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Generator

HY-AQC series ammonia decomposition system is a kind of equipment which uses liquid ammonia as raw material and catalytic pyrolysis of 75% H2 and 25% N2 mixture gas at high temperature.

Hydrogen Plant

All kinds of gas equipment, nitrogen production, nitrogen production, hydrogen production, purification, automatic mixing system, etc., have perfect system and advanced technology to meet customer needs.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

HY-PN series pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production system is a new type of gas adsorption separation technology, which uses clean compressed air as raw material and uses adsorption separation method to produce nitrogen.


Equipment is used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food, metallurgy, electronics, metal heat treatment and other aspects, playing an explosion-proof, flame-proof, oxidation-proof role.

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